Short fabric geotextile fiber is also called Short Fiber Needle Punched Geotextile Fabric. BPM short fabric geotextile fiber is often made from polypropylene or polyester fibers processed by woven, needle-punched or heat-bonded methods. short fiber needle punched geotextile fabric is made from 100% virgin staple polypropylene fibers that are tangled and interlocked with each other by needle-punching process. Our geotextiles are widely used used to separate, filter, reinforce, stabilize, protect, retain and drain soil, etc,  they have the following characteristics.

1.Good air permeability and water permeability which can pass the water out and intercept the sand running-down.

2.High water diversion property, short fabric geotextile fiber can form drainage passageway, transpire the surplus liquid and gas.

3.High water permeability even under the pressure of soil and water.

4.High spread, transfer or decompose the concentrate stress effectively to avoid the soil be damaged by outside affection.

5.Light weight, convenient to use, easy construction, shorten working-period, increase economic efficiency

6.High tensile strength and anti-deformation property of soil. Short fabric geotextile fiber can increase the stability of building structure, and also improve the soil quality.

Short Fiber Geotextile Fabric for Road Construction in UAE
Short Geotextile Fiber for Road Construction in UAE
Short Fabric Geotextile Fiber for Road Construction in UAE

Our UAE customer sent us an inquiry for 150 g/m2 short fabric geotextile fiber for road construction and asked for samples of nonwoven geotextile fiber from us. We sent them samples of geotextile fiber. Two days latter since received samples, they accepted our getextile price and delivery time by negotiation and communication and then they placed the order to us. Thanks for the trust from our client.

Short Fabric Geotextile Fiber for Road Construction in UAE

  • Total nonwoven geotextile quantity 19720m2
  • Geotextile specification 150 g/m2
  • Each roll size is 5.8m*100m
  • One 20 GP container

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