Geotextile landscape fabric is the kind of geotextile that can be defined as a “fabric or synthetic material placed between the soil and a pipe, gabion or retaining wall to enhance water movement and retard soil movement, and as a blanket to add reinforcement and separation.” Geotextile landscape fabric can offer optimum performance features including high elongation, high tensile strength, excellent permeability, durable CBR puncture resistance and stabilized UV resistance. BPM geotextile landscape fabric is available in varying strengths and thicknesses to ensure appropriate material selection for your requirements. Geotextile landscape fabric is widely used to protect membranes in landfill applications and used in landscaping to protect surfaces and structures from weeds and root growth.

Geotextile Landscape Fabric for Environmental Protection Project
Geotextile Landscape Fabric for Environmental Protection

The use of geotextile sheet in many areas can substantially reduce the occurrence of adverse conditions. The installation of geotextile landscape fabric combined with gravel can help provide a proper environment that animals, humans, vehicles, and equipment can travel on, and can also provide an erosion control benefit.
Our India customer sent us an inquiry about geotextile landscape fabric for environmental project. We sent him our geotextile sheet manufacturing videos, pictures and certificates. Meanwhile, we sent our professional non woven geotextile fabric and more details of project design by communication and negotiation quickly. They confirmed the quality of our geotextile road fabric finally and placed an order.

Specifications of Geotextile Landscape Fabric for Environmental Protection in India

  • Total quantity – 250,000m2
  • Each roll size – 6m×100m
  • Specification–400g/m2
Geotextile Landscape Fabric for Environmental Protection in India

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