Polyester filament geotextile membrane is the kind of hot sale non woven geotextile which is made from continuous polyester filaments by needle punching and thermal bonding consolidation process. Polyester filament geotextile membrane is an environmentally friendly building material with long-term corrosion resistance to various natural soils, moisture and microorganisms. BPM polyester filament non woven geotextile offers optimum performance per unit weight which features high tensile strength and puncture resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, excellent drainage and anti-aging properties, etc.

Main Properties of Filament Geotextile Membrane

  • Higher tensile strength
  • Puncture resistance
  • Good water permeability and filtration
  • Good resistance to aging, puncture, extensibility and bulkiness
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Withstands tough construction loading

Filament geotextile membrane can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods, while polyester filament geotextile membrane is more economical, more efficient and more stable.

Filament Geotextile Membrane for Pavement Project in Indonesia
Polyester Filament Geotextile Membrane for Pavement Maintenance Project in Indonesia
Filament Geotextile Membrane for Pavement Maintenance Project in Indonesia

Indonesia customers sent us the inquiry for filament geotextile membrane. We communicated and discussed the technical parameters and requirement of geotextile fabric of the project, we recommended the filament non woven geotextile membrane. The customer was very satisfied with our reply and confirmed the specifications and order quantity of the they wanted by telephone and email. The two parties negotiated the payment terms, and then the Indonesia customer visited our factory. After the customer visited the company and discussed the project in detail, the we signed sales contracts for polyester filament geotextile on the spot, and paid 30% of the sales contract on the same day.

Specifications of Filament Geotextile Membrane for Pavement Maintenance Project

  • Total filament geotextile membrane quantity – 109,200m2
  • Filament Geotextiles specification – 200 g/m2
  • Each roll size is 5.8m*100m
  • Two 40HQ containers

After the goods arrived, Indonesia customers were very satisfied with the quality he delivery time of our geotextile membrane products. They will make an order for another non woven geotextiles next month.

About BPM

BPM had provided many types of effective and states of the art geotextile, geomembranes, and other geosynthetics to over 36 countries. Our geosynthetic products are widely used across a variety of industries including waste containment, water containment, aquaculture, industrial project, energy project and mining projects, etc. Our main customers are from Australia, France, Sweden, UK, Hungary, New Zealand, Poland, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, etc.

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