Non woven geotextile reinforcement fabric is the widely used geosynthetic material for the reinforcement of railway subgrade, the maintenance of road pavement, the protection of sports halls, dams, the isolation of hydraulic structures, burrowing, beach coating, cofferdams, environmental protection and other projects. Geotextile is robust and durable for civil construction applications such as roads, harbors, reservoirs, canals, dams and many others retaining construction to improve soil stability, provide erosion control or aid in drainage. BPM brand non woven geotextile products include filament non woven geotextile, short fiber needle punched geotextile fabric, etc.

As the non woven geotextile reinforcement fabric, the short fiber needle punched geotextile fabric is made from 100% virgin staple polypropylene fibers that are tangled and interlocked with each other by needle-punching process. It is the kind of non woven geotextile fabric which is robust, durable, permeable and resist to deformation. This time, our Australian customer selected short fiber needle punched geotextile as the geotextile reinforcement for seaside soil-fabric system.

Non Woven Geotextile Reinforcement for Seaside Soil-fabric System in Australia
Non Woven Geotextile Reinforcement for Seaside Soil in Australia
Geotextile Reinforcement for Seaside Soil in Australia

Characteristics of non woven geotextile reinforcement fabric

  • Polyester staple fiber needled geotextiles has different physical properties such as particle size, distribution, consistency and density, etc.
  • The building materials (such as soil and sand, soil and concrete, etc.) are isolated. but the overall structure and the material function are still maintained, so that the bearing capacity of the structure is strengthened.
  • When water flows from the fine soil layer into the coarse soil layer, the polyester fiber is used to penetrate the geotextile reinforcement fabric with good gas permeability and water permeability, so that the water flows through, and effectively carries the soil particles, fine sand, small stone, etc. So the stability of water and soil engineering are maintained.
  • The polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextile has good water-conducting properties, and it can form a drainage channel inside the soil body, and the excess liquid and gas in the soil structure are discharged.
  • The polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextile is used to enhance the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil, and to enhance the stability of the building structure to improve the soil quality.
  • When the water flows against the soil, it effectively spreads, transfers or decomposes the concentrated stress to prevent the soil from being damaged by external forces.
  • High tensile strength, good permeability, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and no insects.

Specifications of Geotextile Reinforcement fabric System in Australia

  • Total quantity – 50,000 square meters
  • Weight – 150 g/m²
  • Each roll size 3m*200m

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