Non woven geotextile underlayment fabric, also called nonwoven geotextile, is widely used as permeable textile material in contact with soil, rock, earth or any other geotechnical related material as an integral part of civil engineering project, structure, or system. BPM Non woven geotextile underlayment fabric is made of pre-stressed polypropylene yarns entwined in the longitudinal direction of polyester and in a transverse direction with each other by woven method and entangled into stable fabric pattern by special warp straight matting process. BPM non woven geotextile underlayment fabric has characteristics of high tensile strength, excellent resistant to UV, chemical substances. Non woven geotextile underlayment fabric is widely used in infrastructure construction and repair projects as an alternative to natural materials due to features such as controlled fabrication to pre-measured properties, rapid installation, and volumetric economy or compactness.

Non Woven Geotextile Underlayment Fabric for Expressway Construction
Non Woven Geotextile Underlayment Fabric
Non Woven Geotextile Underlayment Fabric for Expressway Construction in Philippines

Non woven geotextile fabric has proven to be among the most versatile and cost-effective ground modification materials. Their use has expanded rapidly into nearly all areas of civil, geotechnical, environmental, coastal, and hydraulic engineering.
Our Philippines customer sent us an inquiry on a series of non woven geotextile fabric for their expressway construction project in Cebu. The project requires a variety of specifications of the non woven geotextile Underlayment fabric such as125GSM, 150GSM, 200GSM, 320GSM and 420GSM.As usual, we sent our non woven geotextile sample, its function and laying process to our customer. Based on the recognition of our product quality, our customers have established a good cooperative relationship with us and signed order quickly.

Specifications of Non Woven Geotextile Underlayment Fabric 

  • Roll size-4m×100m;4m×50m;4m×250m;
  • Total quantity-200,000 m2

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