Pet woven stabilization fabric is also called pet woven geotextile fabric. BPM brand pet woven stabilization fabric is made of pre-stressed multi-filament polyester or polypropylene yarns entwined in the longitudinal direction of polyester and in a transverse direction with each other  by woven method and entangled into stable fabric pattern by special warp straight matting process. BPM pet woven stabilization fabric has characteristics of high tensile strength, excellent excellent resistant to UV, chemical substances and micro organisms. It is the widely used geotextile to reinforce and stabilize the structure of steep slope, soft sub-grade foundation and embankment, retaining soil cover, landfills, etc.

PET Woven Stabilization Fabric for Road Reinforcement in Philippines
PET Woven Stabilization Fabric for Road Embankment Reinforcement in Philippines

Our Philippines searched woven geotextile fabric used for the base reinforcement of road embankment, the ultimate tensile strength should have to reach 1200KN/m. We recommended them our PET Woven stabilization fabric – BPM1200-50, and sent them the geotextile sample for testing. After strictly testing by themselives, our customers were very satisfied with this geotextile fabric, and made deal with us directly. Within two days after signed the contract, we received 30% deposit.

Specifications of PET Woven Stabilization Fabric for Road Embankment Reinforcement in Philippines

  • Total PET Woven Fabric Quantity – 15000m2
  • One 40HQ containers
  • Filament Geotextile specification –2100 g/m2
  • Each roll size– 5mx100m
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength–1200KN/m

About BPM

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